Workshop on ‘Municipalities’ role in HNS and volunteer coordination’ in Dubrovnik

The international 2nd DiMaND Workshop on municipalities role in HNS and volunteer coordination focused on the aspect of municipalities and their role in HNS and regional disaster response. 

The two-day event was jointly organized by the City of Dubrovnik and the disaster response experts of Hungarian Red Cross.

The workshop focused on the topic of cooperation between municipalities and responders, which is not only key to effective response, but the cooperation may also have great role in supporting the regional/international assistance. 

The added value of this two-day workshop was the presence and lecture given by the Assistant Minister for Civil protection Mr. Damir Trut. His contribution to the topic of HNS was a lecture regarding the coordination of forces in the area of Petrinja and the earthquake-affected area after this last disaster occurred in December 2020.