Preparedness Practices Workshop, as first face-to-face event for DiMaND project partners

Experts of íf DiMaND network gathered together in Budapest at the Preparedness Practices Workshop, which was aimed to have a good understanding of the similarities and differences in the preparedness activities of relevant organizations in the Danube Region, and served as a basis to identify good practices.

The workshop reflected on training (including innovative solutions), exercising and capacity building. 

Participants were leaders and members of volunteer organisations having specializations in different fields, and professionals of first responder civil protection and firefighter organizations both on operational and on strategic level, including coordination and technical experts. 

Experts of BTSZ coordinated the event by giving introductions, such as the UCPM and its tools, also relevant activities, and actions of EUSDR PA5 to have a common understanding of the frameworks.

The discussions were facilitated by experts from the COO and the DAREnet project, who have knowledge of international standards of preparedness activities (UCPM trained persons). The interactive style meeting ensured that relevant information was gathered, and the results reflected the participants’ opinions.