Letter of Intent signed between DiMaND and INDIMA consortiums to ensure cooperation

Mr. Zsolt Kelemen from Budapest Firefighter Association, as lead partner of DiMaND project, and Mr. Josef Riener, project manager of Project INDIMA formalised their cooperation by signing a Letter of Intent at the 3rd Effective Response conference in Békéscsaba, Hungary.

Both projects are funded by the EU’s Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and are aimed to build and enhance the network of civil protection experts operating in the Danube region. The letter of intent ensures the exchange of project results and publications, the invitation of project participants to relevant meetings and conferences, and the cooperation in the dissemination of the results.


Project INDIMA is aimed to develop and enhance a network-concept for better and holistic civil protection and disaster risk management by integrating all relevant stakeholders in pre-planned joint preparedness and response activities, establishing a tangible network.

Its objective is to develop a concept to optimise the cooperation and improve the coordination among a wide range of governmental and non-governmental, civil and military as well as public and private stakeholders.