Third Conference of Effective Response

Conference Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Effective Response organized by the Disaster Management Department of Hungarian Red Cross on 5 November, 2021.

The Danube River Basin Floodplain Restoration and Preservation Manual

(2021)The Danube Floodplain Manual addresses practitioners showing the technical details of key restoration approaches, potential win-win measures to mitigate flood risk through floodplain restoration and conservation actions, but also steps on how to plan and implement future restoration projects, how to solve potential conflicts in an integrated way and how to involve and engage key …

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2nd Annual Practitioner Forum

Training edition – Webinar results paper (December, 2020)The Horizon 2020 funded project DAREnet (Danube Region Resilience Exchange Network) and the EU Strategy for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region Environmental Risks Priority Area have jointly organised an online workshop with the aim to align efforts to foster collaboration in the field of flood resilience …

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Sharing Good Practice and Multi-agency Partnership Framework

Community Resilience with focus on flooding (February, 2017)An overview of institutional structures and good practices in Northern Ireland, Hungary and Denmark based on multi-agency workshops in the three countries and supplementary information from Nordic countries.

Innovative Solutions for Flood Risk Management

(2021)Starting from the importance of innovative solutions for improving the needs of different practitioners as flood risk managers, the purpose of this review was to describe and analyze, evaluates, and prioritizes the various available different innovative solutions that have sufficient potential to be useful and used by practitioners.